cuts@once and Covid-19

How we are mitigating the effects/spread of coronavirus to protect our staff and customers

At the end of each service we:

  • Spray all surfaces, including chairs, with Barbicide*
  • Spray the cape with Barbicide* and use a fresh one for each client
  • Clippers are sprayed with Clippercide* after each use
  • All clipper guides, combs and scissors rest in a bath of Barbicide* whilst not in use.
  • Stylists’ hands are washed after every service
  •  Surfaces at the reception desk are being sanitised every few minutes
  • Masks are available to all stylists should they wish to use them

Other considerations:

  • Staff with flu like illness are not at work
  • Potential customers with signs of flu (coughing, sneezing, runny noses) will be asked to return when well
  • We have determined that beard trims will not be offered for the foreseeable future since that close quarter contact, however brief, puts both customer and staff at risk
  • All equipment is sterilised with Barbicide* after use
  • Expert medical advice assures us our methods and diligence are considered exceptional
  • We are following the WHO and NZ Government advice and requirements diligently and analysing daily our responses and new information.
  • *Barbicide/Clippercide has been tested and shown to be effective against Human Coronavirus

Full Service Salon located in the Richmond Mall

Trading Hours


Tuesday       24th March    10am to 4pm
Wednesday:  25th March   We have decided to not provide hairdressing services for the safety of our team
 Thursday: 26th March   We will be closed for 4 weeks as directed by the New Zealand government