We are open 7 days a week and public holidays

cuts@once and Covid 19

  • We appreciate your loyalty and request that if you are feeling unwell to please not come for your hair service at this time. For the health and safety of our team and guests we are not able to see you if you are unwell.
  • Due to limited seating, we ask that only clients who are having their hair styled access our waiting area please. One adult can accompany a small child who is having their hair cut.
  • We provide hand sanitizer on our front desk,  our waiting areas and at every styling station.
  • If you prefer to wait out side our salon for your hair styling service, you are welcome to do so. Just come to the front desk and register first. We will call your  name when it is your turn

Our weekend & public holiday chemical services are by appointment only

  •  Color work on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays is by appointment only. Please phone (03) 544 8075

How we have been mitigating the effects/spread of Covid-19 to protect our staff and customers

Regularly during the day we:

  • Spray all surfaces, including chairs, with SteriGENE*
  • Clippers are sprayed with Clippercide* after each use
  • All clipper guides, combs and scissors rest in a bath of Barbicide* whilst not in use
  •  Surfaces at the reception desk are being sanitised with SteriGENE* frequently

Other considerations:

  • Staff with flu like illness are not at work
  • Potential customers with signs of flu (coughing, sneezing, runny noses) will be asked to return when well
  • SteriGENE*, Barbicide/Clippercide have been tested and shown to be effective against Human Coronavirus

Full Service Salon located in the Richmond Mall

Trading Hours


Monday to Friday  9am to 6pm
Saturday  9am to 5pm
Sunday &  Public Holidays 10am to 4pm