Our System is Unique

  • Convenience
  • Guaranteed professional service
  • Friendly, attentive, and creative stylists
  • Service 7 days a week including public holidays
  • Over 20 ranges of professional hair care and styling products

Are you, as an investor, looking for a business opportunity that is profitable, fully systemised, and reliably supported?Whether you are a hairdresser or business investor, cuts@once has been developed as a franchise opportunity you should investigate.

The company has operated since 1993 and has been consistently learning and innovating. Behind the company’s existence is over 80 years experience in the hairdressing industry. Hair-styling in general is about fashion. The cuts@once ethos is fashion with uncompromised service. cuts@once believes there should be no hindrance to receiving quality professional hair services; not even waiting for an appointment and that’s their point of difference. Stylists work to times, but remain attentive to the customer they are with and their individual creativity is not stifled. At all times an inclusive, safe and enjoyable experience for stylist and customer alike is the special goal.

Because the customer, and providing a complete service without an appointment, is central to cuts@once, the business opportunity is extremely attractive. The cuts@once corporate salon is based in the Richmond Mall, Nelson. The primary trading area has an approximate population of 40,000 in a 30 kilometer radius. When surrounding secondary trading areas are included that potential market swells to around 80,000 with a radius of 100 kilometers. Consider the following figures in that context:

•    Averaging over 40,000 transactions every year.
•    Averaging 800 - 900 clients per week all year round
•    A turnover exceeding $1,100,000 every year since 2004.
•    Retail component approximately 27% of turnover
•    Healthy profitability maintained even in tougher trading years (currently exceeding 20%)

These figures are achieved in competition with over 80 other salons. The market likes what cuts@once offers!

The business opportunity is for hairdressers who are interested in innovation and a business experience not dependent on their own technical skills. The business opportunity is also for non-hairdressers since comprehensive training and support is part of the package.

•    Manuals detailing all systems
•    Full training in every respect
•    A completely turn key operation
•    Tireless support

Testimonial from "Gary" after researching our model for himself: "I've had a franchise for the last 2 years and have viewed others over the years and I must say I have never come across such a detailed business projection as the one you provided. It certainly promotes confidence in your attempt to make your franchise work."


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